What’s your story?

Every great restaurant starts with a great story. Who are you? Where did you come from? What is it about you and your business that makes a great story? How does your story connect with your guests to make them more likely to support you and your business as you grow? By telling your unique story, you create a connection bigger than just the food and drinks that you serve.

             Why tell your story? Over the years we have discovered that customers are intrigued about how our restaurants came to be. What the history is behind either the location or the People. One property was in an historic house on the National Register of Historic Places. We created a “Brief History” for guests to take and enjoy getting to know what happened in the dining room they just dined in over 200 years ago. Another restaurant was a collaboration between two boyhood friends who always wanted to do something together and talked about it over 30 years ago. Now one is a fabulous chef and the other is passionate about the wines and spirits. And the restaurant is named after a song that one mother sang to her son when he was little.

             A name, a relationship, History, a Family connection. All of these things make a great story. And by telling that story, you get a chance to build an identity with your customers. Some of the national Chains try to be “Part of the Neighborhood” or “ That America Runs on…”. Tell your story, tell it with enthusiasm. Make the connection.

             We have a number of vehicles for doing just that. Highlight the positives, talk about where you come from and make sure that you have the story ready to share We put flyers in to go bags, use them at fundraisers, have them on hand to give to curious guests and take them to charity events. We’ll make your story look great and make you proud to share it with your guests.

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