What does your card say about you?

A business card is a way of introducing yourself to someone. Your logo, address and Phone number. Maybe the website address and an email. I should know, because I have a stack of them that I collect all of the time. But what makes yours memorable? If your card is just going to end up in a stack of others, why go to the trouble of having them and handing them out?

             But what if your card is something else? One of my restaurants had cards for the entire staff. Everyone had their own card. It made the staff proud and they are out in the community all of the time. Why not have them marketing for you while they are buying groceries or picking up coffee at the local shop. We encouraged them to hand out cards and tell the people they meet that they work at this amazing restaurant and here’s all of the info you need to make a reservation and come on by. So, instead of just the managers marketing who we were, the entire staff was actively doing it. And for many of our employees, it was the first business card that they had ever had and they loved giving them away.

             But we went a little further. Instead of the traditional titles on the cards, we told everyone to submit a alternate title. So the first line of my card, after the name was “The Idea Guy” instead of “Owner”. I’m know for crazy ideas and so it worked. Then we told them to add something about themselves that was personal, but not too personal. Mine said “Father of Five” indicating my five children. My sons second line was “Middle Child” which also explains a lot. Finally, they were asked to say something about themselves that was side information. Mine said “TERP” as I am a graduate of the University of Maryland. My sons said “Lego Aficionado”. Three bits of information that are intended to start a conversation. Over the years I cannot tell you the number of people who started a conversation about my family or something that they associated with The University. Then, they got to know me as an individual, rather than someone with just a boring business card. What do you want your card to say about you? And what can it do to make you memorable to everyone you meet?

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