I can’t remember the name, but the color looks familiar…

             More and more businesses are creating an identity through color. A certain national donut shop is about the Pink and the Orange. Those trucks that deliver packages overnight highlight the purple and the orange. The world’s largest sales and delivery company has a particular blue grey and white. All of these companies no longer even need to say who they are on their signage because we all associate them because we recognize the color scheme. Our minds automatically say, “oh that must have something to do with FEDEX” because we see the colors and fill in the blank. These massive companies spend billions developing the color  recognition because they want to evoke recognition at first glance. But what can you do to achieve the same thing, without spending millions in marketing?

             Whatever you do to market your restaurant, make sure that you are consistent. For discussions sake, let’s say that you are a farm fresh concept that delivers amazingly fresh vegetable dishes and you decide that lime green and Sunflower yellow are your colors. How do you build the brand? Your business cards and stationary feature those colors. Your menus are all about the green and yellow. The staff wears bright green shirts and sunflower yellow hats. Your packaging is either those colors or you have bright stickers on a roll that you can peel and put on to go bags and boxes. You have bright green tablecloths for when you cater, if possible with the logo in yellow. You have napkins in one of the colors and all of your service needs and brochures have the color scheme always at the fore front. Remember, you’re not trying to be recognized nationally; you just want to be identified in your local market just because people see the colors associated with your brand.

             The human mind is trained to associate colors with feelings and images. Sometimes you get only a few split seconds for people to associate you with what you do. Be consistent and look for ways to imprint your colors and your brand on the customer base you seek to grow. When people are somewhere within your community and see that green, they should immediately associate with the positive image that they have of the service that you provide. When I see that famous orange and pink, my mind immediately fills in the picture of a Boston Creme Donut. But that’s just me.

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