Giveaway Free Food! What?

Over the years we have learned that sometimes, you need to think outside the box. Does it make sense to give away things to try and win a new customer? Absolutely! We have a supplier who does all of our embroidery and our shirts and hats. I told the owner once that he should consider doing a little something for free and include it in the delivery of the goods that we ordered. My point was, when you have the machine set up, and you are running the shirts or whatever, if you put a computer bag on the equipment and send it along with your compliments, I would be much more likely to say how much I loved it and order them for the staff. If you have a customer that you want to land, ask them when they are having their next team meeting. Offer to take care of the food. Then, knock it out of park! Make it fabulous. Make sure the packaging is perfect. Then drop it off and tell them that you’d love to help them in the future. When they eat your amazing food and see how well its packaged, they will be thrilled to order from you again.

             Ok, so why would I give the first order away? What do you need to do to land a new client. Take them away from your competitor? Make them a Raving Fan of you and your business? Don’t be afraid to invest by showing people just how good you are.

             Whenever we do catering or off site lunches, we use the high end Plastic Scrollware and the Reflections “Silver” disposable knives, forks and spoons. Two ply nice napkins. If the competition is using paper plates and cheap plasticware and napkins, be the one the stands apart. Add the extra touch. Be the best at what you do. If the other guy is using a cheap product to save money, be the vendor that the customer looks to for a quality product. Don’t get into a bidding war on who can be the cheapest. Sell the quality of what you do.

             Remember, if you can produce items that fit you color profile, have labels for the packaging, have additional touches that speak to who you are; all the better. Be sure to include a hand written thank you note on a card with your logo on it. Include a menu for your in house dining. Thank the person who ordered the job by including a dining certificate as a way of saying how much you appreciate their confidence with you. When the job is finished, follow up to make sure that everything went as they expected.

             Don’t ever be afraid to invest in your future by giving away some of what you do best. When the folks ate the targeted business see what you can do, you have already moved ahead of the competition.

             When I was younger, I was in sales. I created a Donut/Bagel Box that I would fill with The guys with the pink logo or the Einstein bagel Brothers product. Then I would go by prospective client offices, drop off the goodies, thank them for allowing me to stop by, and as that if they needed anything to let me know. I received a call one day from the print buyer of a large National Association. He asked if I was the creator of the “Introductory” package. When I said that I was, he said that he had 15 packages of “Samples” on his desk from people looking for his business. He said that he only had opened one; mine.

             Finally, remember as well that when you send in lunch for 12 people, not only do you make the buyer a fan, but also everyone else in the office. The next time they need great food, they all will voice their opinion to use you.

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