Are you “World Famous”?

             Years ago, we had a chef, we’ll call him Larry, and he made a crab dip. It was pretty good, but we decided to highlight it by always saying that we had “Chef Larry’s World Famous Crab Dip!.” The title always accompanied the dish. On Catering menus, on the restaurant menu, when we were hosting a fundraiser, it was always the same. Chef Larry’s World Famous Crab Dip. After a while, our customers picked up the mantle and began to say, “and oh yeah, I need some of that World Famous Crab Dip”. Once in an argument with Larry, he told me that he had a world famous Crab Dip. I responded that it was only world famous because I told everyone that it was! Remember, we were a local restaurant and not a National Chain and so everything is open to one person’s opinion. But Larry’s, was World Famous.

             The key here is to say it over and over again. There was a national Quick printer years ago in the Midwest. Kenny The Printer. His slogan was “Incredibly Low Prices”. Over and Over that’s what they said. When they asked customers why they used his business, they would say…”for the incredibly low prices!” They had trained their customer base to buy in to the tag line. I know a couple of young restauranters who have a Burrito Carry-out in Baltimore. Really Good food and they have a particular Burrito that really takes the prize…at least in my opinion. I told them to say that they are “Reubens, Home of Baltimore’s best burrito. They started doing it and now people say, “Where can we get a Great Burrito?” And people have started saying, “well I hear that Rueben’s has Baltimore’s Best Burrito”. I like to get coffee table books at Ollies Discount Warehouse where you get “Good Stuff Cheap” Whenever I hear the word Ollies, my mind fills in with “Good Stuff Cheap”. Is it;  I’m not sure, but I believe it anyway.

             So what do you do that is World Famous? Do you have the World’s Best Clam Chowder? Do you have the Freshest Ingredients on the Planet? Are your Burritos so good they’ll bring tears to your eyes? Do you have the best Margarita in the State? Find a superlative that sets you apart. It doesn’t have to be measurable. It is all based on what someone thinks after all. But whatever you do and say, announce it with a flourish. Come on in for the best Taco’s in the city. Have the staff wear buttons that proclaim what you already know. We have food that’s world Famous. Put up a banner out front. Home of the Worlds Spiciest Wings. People will remember it. And you will profit from it.

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