All Aboard!

There is a saying that goes, “The way you onboard your staff sets the tone for your business”. In short, set eh ground rules for new employees and be diligent about making sure that they understand who you are as an organization and what you stand for. If people come on board the organization without knowing the ground rules and what is expected of them, they tend to do whatever they like. That, is a recipe for disaster.

             We have an employee Handbook that talks about everything that we believe as an organization. Our company policies. Lateness, Time Off, Uniform Code, Employee relations. Management, Medical issues, Discrimination, language, Hours of operation, points of service, Pay checks, Clocking in and out, and the list goes on and on. Everything is put in one document. The employee meets with a manger and they are given an overall look at what is expected. Then they are given a copy of the employee handbook for them to read. At the end of the handbook they sign that they understand everything that they have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations therein. Now, there will be the ten percent who say “Yeah, Yeah” and then sign it. No one starts a shift until that task has been completed. But, after signing it, and a signature by management, it goes in their file. Then, when they are late three times and they are told that they are being released and they say, “But I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to…” you simply say, “well you signed for it in your employee handbook”. Proper execution of bringing staff onboard, making sure that they understand the rules that you abide by, makes for a much more efficient and productive staff. Make sure that you cover everything and that everyone in the organization are given the same training so that no one can claim that they didn’t get equal treatment.

             To that point, everything that you do with employees needs to be documented. Every time they finish a training section, they sign and the manager signs. Then you start their employee file. We can help you with all of the forms and the processes. Employee handbooks, Employee write up sheets, Disciplinary paperwork. These seem like such little things, but after several Employee issues and the threat of legal action, you discover that having done your homework is a lot cheaper than a lawyer. We’ll help you put together a great onboarding process that will make your organization better and more effective and keep you out of trouble so you can focus on making money.

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